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High time to make the switch.

Is your blood glucose monitoring system still state of the art?

Because it might be time to switch now to more simplicity and accuracy with a CONTOUR®NEXT blood glucose monitoring system.

Simplicity and accuracy are the new standard

The recently updated EN ISO 15197:2015 sets higher standards for blood glucose monitoring systems. Not only for the measurement accuracy, but also – and for the first time – the usability of a blood glucose meter has been defined a quality feature.1

This is good news for people with diabetes as these new quality standards can provide a higher degree of therapeutic safety in their everyday lives.

The problem: Up to 20% of monitoring systems in Europe may not comply with the new accuracy standards.2 Furthermore, your device may simply be out of date, lacking certain features that are provided by a modern blood glucose monitoring system.

Check here whether your blood glucose monitoring system is still up to date:

Does it fulfil the new accuracy requirements?
Is it simple and intuitive to operate?
Does it have an intelligent second-chance sampling feature to save test strips?
Does the manufacturer offer you a good service and support?

Did you respond NO to any question?

Then it is high time to make the switch to one of our CONTOUR®NEXT blood glucose monitoring systems!

CONTOUR®NEXT Generation goes even beyond

All CONTOUR®NEXT blood glucose monitoring systems comply with the new quality standards: they are easy-to-use and their remarkable accuracy goes even beyond the minimum requirements.3,4 Additionally, all CONTOUR®NEXT systems support the intelligent Second-Chance® sampling feature that can help to save test strips.

Make your CONTOUR®NEXT blood glucose monitoring system your personal diabetes manager

Our blood glucose monitoring systems are as individual as the people who use them. They will help you to better understand and manage your diabetes. Just select your device according to your personal needs and order it directly here – free of charge.

Our Ascensia Diabetes Service will be glad to assist you in selecting a device:


Customer Care: 8001166110 or
Land Line # : 00966 126613091


Our highlight

  • Get instant feedback by the smartLIGHT™ feature if blood glucose results are in target range
  • Illuminated test strip port and display to view results in the dark
  • Connects seamlessly with the CONTOUR®DIABETES App for even more functions (such as dairy reports, reminders, warnings and more)



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