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High time to switch to
accuracy and simplicity now

Benefit from 50%
discount on your meter

Offer only valid for UAE. Validity until 16.5.2020.

Does your blood glucose meter fulfill the latest precision standard?

Hypoglycaemia can be a constant threat for people with diabetes. Switching to a blood glucose system with state-of-the-art technology and remarkable accuracy1 can help to detect such episodes.

Make your diabetes management smart

Better switch to a CONTOUR®NEXT ONE blood glucose monitoring system.
Try it out in your nearest pharmacy.

Valid for UAE only



  • Simple to use, remarkable accuracy1
  • Results easily understood with the smartLIGHT feature2
  • Second-Chance sampling: Accurate reading, even after applying more blood to the same strip3
  • Smart diabetes management with the CONTOUR®DIABETES App
For inquiries please call:
UAE: 8000 200 0382